Stop Coal

Rally to end the deadly use of coal and start building the secure green future!

On Sunday March 1st, from Holyoke to Salem to Somerset, nearly 200 Massachusetts residents prevailed against cold, wind, and snow, strengthening a statewide coalition pushing for a rapid phase out of coal and fossil fuels – an urgently-needed remedy to the converging climate and economic crises.

“Coal Plants are factories of death.”
– James Hansen, NASA climate scientist

Stand together for Healthy People, Peace & the Planet!

Stop investing in fossil fuels, Wall Street bail outs, and war!
Start building the sustainable, secure, post-carbon economy!

Fossil fuels are driving climate chaos and war, and robbing us of the scarce resources we need to build a secure green future. If we stop using fossil fuels, then the main driver of the climate crisis skids to a halt, AND the motivation for wars for oil goes away. In addition, the military itself is the single biggest user of fossil fuels. And itʼs the biggest drain on the discretionary budget – using over half of our income tax dollars – predominantly in attempts to control global oil reserves.

But once we change to a green economy based on renewable energy & sustainable food, we stop the drivers of climate change, create secure jobs, and prevent military adventures from wasting the money we need for health care, education, and human needs. This is a triple win. On March 1 we will stand with others across the nation to ask that our state and nation turn away from the use of unsustainable, dirty fossil fuels and begin to build a new future for the people of the Commonwealth, the nation, and the world.