Petition to the Massachusetts Legislature

To ensure a secure green future for ourselves and our children, we instruct our elected officials to support legislation that would:

  1. reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Massachusetts by 80% by 2020, and
  2. phase out tax incentives for energy-intensive projects while expanding job creation programs for locally-owned businesses and cooperatives involved in renewable energy, conservation, and sustainable agriculture.


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# Name Town/City Additional Comments
1 Eli Beckerman Cambridge, MA We must act NOW for a secure green future for people and the planet!
2 Magdalena Hoersch Arlington We need to scramble back to 350ppm CO2 ASAP, and this is a bold and necessary step that will have far reaching benefits beyond the climate.
3 Lawrence Fine Brookline / Hudson, MA Consumption be done! Curtailment, conservation, tearing down the rotting status quo ( it seems to be crumbling on its own ) and converting it to the compost that will nourish the growth of a relocalized, organic, healthy community.
4 Rebecca StaplesMoore Northampton
5 Traci Roloff Brighton, MA
6 Stefan WardWheten Williamstown, MA
7 Susan Shamel Bedford, MA 01730
8 Ryan Zampardo Cambridge, MA The youth voters of this state implore you to make a change while we still have the opportunity.
9 Jaime DeSousa Woburn It is time for people to stop thinking so selfishly and to open up and embrace selflessness. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. And to realize this is not something we should think about considering, it is something that should have already been mandated, a no brainer. We have everything to lose, and yet at the end of the day, we still can’t eat money.
10 Gabriana DeSousa Woburn How about 100% clean renewable energy by 2018? And on top of that 5 million new green jobs! That sounds even better to me! :)
11 Sasha A. Macko Williamstown Climate change is the most important issue we face today and action must be taken now. Massachusettes should rise to the challenge and become a leader in creating an economically and environmentally stable future for our children and generations to come.
12 David Emmerman Amherst It is time for the legislature to stop serving Big Oil. We demand a revolution. We demand an end to fossil fuel incentives, and investment in the sustainable technology of the future. The consequences of inaction are too dire — Massachusetts must lead the country in legislating revolutionary solutions to artificial climate change.
13 Private Signature Somerville,MA
14 Matthew Reardon Somerville
15 Louisa Rigali Concord We need to do this as soon as possible!!
16 dresden k. odell natick ma
17 Emily Hardt Somerville, MA
18 Coby Kalter Amherst, MA
19 EstherWolk Medford, MA
20 Mairin O’Donnell Waltham
21 Elizabeth Johnston Somerville
22 Julia Petipas Somerville
23 Jennifer Thomson Somerville
24 David Schouela Cambridge This is the biggest issue of our time. It is urgent that we act now. Future generations are counting on us to do the right thing.
25 M.K. Merelice Brookline
26 Amy Hendrickson Brookline
27 Ed Loechler Brookline
28 Cody Torn Amherst, MA
29 Jessica Appleby Amherst, MA
30 Carol Gray Amherst, MA
31 Jim Oldham Amherst, MA
32 Vincent J. O’Connor Amherst, MA
33 Rob Kusner Amherst, MA
34 Frank Gatti Amherst, MA
35 Jill Stein Lexington
36 Brenda Burke Westport, MA
37 Martha Crimmins Westport, MA
38 Judith Beavan Westport, MA
39 Craig Dan Westport, MA
40 Private Signature Arlington
41 Gabrielle Joffe Williamstown
42 Jennifer Lewis Williamsburg Right now our children and grandchildren have no future. We must act NOW to preserve it for them.
43 Julian Cole Lexington, MA If we don’t get this right, it’ll make the economic crisis and the wars look like a walk in the park! This one really matters!
44 John MacDougall Cambridge
45 Charles Petty Lexington
46 Steven MorrWineman Cambridge We are rapidly approaching the tipping point at which climate catastrophe will become irreversible. We need a response that is proportionate to the emergency that we face.
47 Jennie Blodgett Arlingon
48 Rachel Smith Arlington
49 John Root Amherst, MA 01002
50 Mary Schjeldahl Ashfield
51 Maureen Barillaro Somerville,MA No matter who is president or in Congress, we all need to join in and demand a clean green future. I have such hope for the new green economy!
52 Melissa Lowitz Somerville
53 Linda O’Dea Plainfield We are quite discouraged by the apparent lack of interest in energy-efficient vehicles by most auto companies. Our current vehicles get 33 and 54 MPG, and the newer versions of the same vehicles are pitifully less.
54 Roger Shamel Bedford Come on MA, you led the American Revolution — how about the even-more-important ENERGY REVOLUTION NOW?
55 Private Signature South Grafton
56 Private Signature Milton
57 Kristine Jelstrup Cambridge
58 John R. Hillwig Cambridge
59 Private Signature Waltham
60 Lynn Benander Shelburne Falls
61 Doug McDonald Florence
62 Andrea cambridge
63 Tova Speter Cambridge, MA
64 ileana Jones Cambridge
65 Private Signature Hudson, MA
66 David Landskov Arlington
67 Christopher Nauman, MD Arlington
68 Victoria Ford Arlington
69 Gregory L. Caplan Jamaica Plain Yes I am heartened by the statements of my brothers and sisters who see the situation. half measures are not an option. dedication is required. I hope many many will gather at MCAN conference also in November.
70 Chad Gibson Arlington Mass should lead the way!
71 Private Signature East Boston
72 Private Signature Westport Ma.
73 Susie Nacco medford
74 Laura Catanzaro Roslindale MA. We can do it!
75 Martin Schmidheiny Jamaica Plain, MA
76 Patrick Michaelan Roslindale Legislation of this order, must be on the books in the State of Massachusetts, having taken account of all stakeholders (i.e. businesses, citizens, NGOs, and government at all levels). Massachusetts has been a leader in so many important initiatives, and this may be the largest opportunity for Mass. to stake its claim as a leading, progressive, and innovative state in the Nation.
77 Private Signature Harwich
78 Allison Friedman Weston, MA Let me know how I can help. I run a national start-up green building web site called Rate It Green ( This spring, we will introduce more regional areas of the site for discussions, etc. I am happy to provide any space needed. People would need to become members to post, but it’s free. And our member survey will be a lot shorter by then… :) We need to get very specific as to what we mean y going more green – industry by industry – and for consumers as well. My passion is green building professionally, but we have to look at every commercial aspect and then ask what we all have to do at home as well. Count me in! But we have a lot more educating to do. I was DRVING to my recyclign center until a new company came recently to offer curbside pick up – think of that. My gas was likely negating the effect of out recycling. We’ve got a lot of work to do!
79 Kristen Carlson Westport
80 Susan E. Janssen Northampton
81 Vincent Mase Medford
82 Rima WahabTwibell Cambridge
83 Private Signature Mashpee
84 Mary Saudade Medford
85 George Papargyris Cambridge
86 Private Signature East Falmouth
87 Addie Cranstoun Waltham, MA
88 Andrew Hite Arlington
89 Elaine Fortin Medford I propose a substantial ‘guzzler tax’ on all vehicles rated at lower than 25 mpg. combined highway/city. This revenue could be used to subsidize people with loans for specific energy reduction efforts such as home heating, insulation, even for purchase of energy efficient vehicles.
90 Private Signature Somerville, MA
91 Jim Hunt Brighton These are sensible and reachable goals. Let’s do what we can to achieve them!
92 John Eskew Allston
93 Curt D Campbell Jr Medford,MA The time was act was yesterday, but its not too late. Let’s secure a green future before we end up like Dr.Suess’s oncler.
94 Private Signature Hudson
95 Janet Green Malden MA
96 Rachele Rosi Roslindale, MA
97 Martha Spiegelman Amherst
98 Irwin Spiegelman Amherst
99 Madge Evers Haydenville
100 Elizabeth John Lombard Northampton, MA Baby steps won’t stem the tide of climate catastrophe. We need bold leadership & legislation.
101 Jason Taylor Cambridge
102 Don Raines Allston
103 Private Signature arlington
104 Amanda Peters Cambridge, MA
105 Sarah Robbins Medford, MA
106 Ariella Cherney Medford, MA
107 Steven Baer Shrewsbury, MA
108 Richard Vaillette Westminster
109 Mitchell Petrie Leicester
110 Mandy T. Leo Worcester
111 Marc Sprague Leicester
112 Kelly Burke Framingham
113 Mark Curby Cambridge
114 Evan Mallory Cambridge
115 John Prance Somerville, MA
116 Private Signature Peabody, MA
117 Kate Brandeis Boston
118 Private Signature Stow, MA
119 Private Signature Somerville
120 Andrew Rubel Somerville
121 Lori Green Newton, MA
122 Lisa Hall Williamsburg
123 Asheen Phansey Burlington, MA Green business is good business, something that the Commonwealth should well heed as business continues to go elsewhere!
124 Wayne Maceyka Waltham Investing in renewable distributed generation assets is a key element of a strong democracy and energy independence.
125 Barbara Taggart Cambridge
126 Paul Shoul Northampton MA
127 D.A. Blitzer Dedham
128 Rolina A. Shoul Newton, MA
129 Melvin Shoul Newton, MA
130 Gail Elson West Newton, MA
131 Joan Eiklein West Newton, MA
132 Carmen Dillon Newton, MA
133 Ken Newton, MA
134 Lisa Cohen Newton, MA
135 Mark Shoul Royalston
136 Mike Heichman Dorchester, MA
137 Mardge Cohen Jamaica Plain
138 Jerome Eno Allston, MA
139 Jessica Roberts Brookline
140 Ian MacLellan Lincoln, MA
141 Chris Richardson Concord, MA
142 Madeline Fine Brookline our action(s) together will make the difference – no matter how small they seem – each action matters
143 Don Ogden Florence
144 Margaret BullittJonas Northampton
145 Kevin Leonard Pembroke
146 Dan Dodge Agawam The lobbying force against the green movement is immense and we must organize ourselves to make the effect of the people’s voice comparable to that of the paid for political influence of the coal and oil companies
147 Jeff Tamsin Westfield
148 Sarah Mills and family milton ma There is no time to lose, we must learn from our mistakes and make cleaner, healthier choices for ourselves and the planet. Energy conservation is the cheapest and ‘easiest’ piece of the solution and green energy is another. We also need to start to differentiate between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’. A culture of materialism encourages us to confuse the two…
149 Elizabeth de Bord Milton, MA
150 Laurie Macintosh Milton
151 Private Signature Weymouth
152 Elizabeth McKenzie Milton
153 Carol L. Coakley Millis, MA
154 Conevery Bolton Valencius Quincy, MA
155 susan beckerman Jamaica, NY Let’s band together and get this done, for ALL OUR SAKES !
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